Then to Now

Content Reflections started out as my little 'DIY' blog. I used to post about anything that happened to me - I mean anything (go back in the archives - I dare you). I used it as a form of expressing myself before I grew into the person I am today, before I knew that I had anxiety attacks at all and before I understood what I was doing on here.

It was called Desre's Blog to start off with, I never used to share it with anyone because I didn't feel ready for it yet. Then 2016 (when I went public with my personal posts) I relabelled and it was Desre's Bubble. I had a whole new theme and I really thought this was amazing, I could share my thoughts and everyone would see!! I could write just what I wanted to and there would be no consequences...

In deciding to incorporate other writers into my blog, I knew I was giving up my page. I knew that I would not have the freedom to express my every opinion and every thought but I also knew that so many other people deal with the same things I face daily - I knew that if I let others express their thoughts, that I would reach more people going through the same life problems that most people face - and so Content Reflections was born.

Content Reflections is not just about me, it's about everyone and everyone's collective struggle. So let's stop using Facebook as our tissue - let's write out our emotions and express them in a controlled environment so that others might learn from our mistakes as humans - because that's all we are at the end of the day and we're all trying to get through this by trial and error.